Improving FAR compliance and procurement metrics through…

  • Business intelligence
  • Automated email alerts
  • Improved data quality
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Collaboration with thousands of federal procurement officials
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Robotic Process Automation

FedDataCheck uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide our customers with the information they need to get their job done – by providing detailed, on-demand customized reports that save our customer’s time. Currently three of FedDataCheck’s most popular reports are available on-demand through RPA are:
  • Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist Report 
  • Contractor Responsibility Assessments 
  • Supervisor Contracting Officer Report
Simply send an email and you’ll receive the information you need within minutes. Contact us to see how utilizing RPA can impact your day! 

What are FedDataCheck's results?

  • FPDS-NG data quality rate of FedDataCheck subscribers is 93.9%.  Rest of federal civilian agencies, 88.2%
  • Commerce NOAA data quality is 99.2%.  Rest of Commerce is 87.6%.  Similar large differences also found for GSA Public Buildings Server vs GSA and USDA Agricultural Research Services vs USDA.
  • Billions of obligated dollars added (correctly) to the competed award column
  • Billions of obligated dollars removed (correctly) from the competitive one bid column
  • Transactions involving higher risk and debarred vendors under automated and close watch

How is it done?

  • Automated integration of FPDS-NG, SAM, USAspending, and many other federal procurement sources
  • Collaboration with thousands of federal contracting officials
  • Use of a web-based, business intelligence system that has encoded the collective wisdom of dozens of senior acquisition oversight officials
  • Automated reports and alerts targeted and tailored towards a CO’s own data input
How Is It Done

FedDataCheck capability:

  • Improving FPDS-NG data quality
  • Automating the Annual FPDS-NG Verification & Validation Review
  • Decreasing competitive one bids
  • Increasing competition rates
  • Monitoring higher risk vendors and those with a debt subject to offset
  • Sub-awards reporting
  • Increasing reported 8(a) program dollars
  • Top vendor analysis
  • Quicker market research
  • Increasing category management utilization
  • Service Contract Inventory reporting
  • Identifying vendors with a tax delinquency
FedDataCheck Capability

Our Subscribers

Power Features

FedDataCheck is a collaborative platform.  We regularly build in the data quality insights from federal contracting experts, such as flagging awards that used a socioeconomic set-aside while referencing a GWAC, and we regularly add requested enhancements such as Service Contract Inventory reporting.

FPDS-NG data quality

FedDataCheck scans all new contract action reports daily looking for FAR violations and logical inconsistencies.

Automating the V&V

Online form for collection of the Annual FPDS-NG Verification & Validation Review audits as well as database-driven sample generation.

Ad-hoc reporting

Excel-based reporting allowing for enhanced analytical flexibility.

Data Act compliance

Graphical dashboard and web-based reports track your department’s compliance with the DATA Act.

Procurement training

Twice-monthly webinars on a wide variety of federal procurement topics such as the Buy American Act, Inherently Government Function concepts and coding, and the SBIR and STTR programs.

Instant feedback

Automated email alerts regarding FPDS-NG data quality, expiring one bids, not competed awards, transactions involving debarred vendors, and many more.


Our large agency council subscribers occupy the top 4 positions in FPDS-NG data quality, and 5 out of the top 6. How…?

  • 7,400 CO/CS user base
  • Database-driven email alerts
  • Dashboards to track trends and graphically analyze results, with drill-to-detail capability
  • A dashboard specifically focused on the FPDS-NG fields tied to the DATA Act
  • Monthly progress reports to acquisition oversight staff, with customized data analysis
  • Excel-based, ad-hoc reporting
  • Webinars on acquisition-related topics, such as likely miscoded small business set asides, FPDS-NG’s and FSRS’s links to USAspending, and top data quality errors related to date


“FedDataCheck has consistently gone above and beyond to provide a level of service that is beneficial to Treasury as a customer.”
“The website is easy to navigate and it tracks the quality of our acquisition data on the daily basis. The communication between HHS and FedDataCheck has been established and executed well.”
“By providing web-based dashboards and reports which has monitored overall data quality DOL has experienced improvements with FPDS.”

Our Team

Bob Harford

Vice President of BI Products

Brian Yost

FDC Developer

Keith Langley

BI Solutions

Bryan Ferrell

Data Insight Generator

Patrick Shipley

Data Insight Generator

Antonio Banks

Procurement Analyst


Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, FedDataCheck is offered as a four-month trial for the micro-purchase price of $3,000. For more information on a four-month trial, please fill out the contact form below.

Yes, FedDataCheck provides contracting staff training on a wide variety of procurement topics. See the FedDataCheck YouTube page to view our past training webinars.

Yes, FedDataCheck has five different data check reports related to the Buy American Act. Subscribers to FedDataCheck can rest assured that if an award is made at their Agency that violates the BAA, they will be notified within 48 hours.


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